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Revista Mayday Magazine 3 – far too good


It's far too good. You deserve it.

Mayday Magazine 3

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Mayday este o revista despre schimbarile cu care se confrunta oamenii, societatea si tehnologia. Cu o atentie speciala data gandirii creative si personalitatilor puternice, Mayday scrie despre oameni creativi care contribuie la dezvoltarea societatii cu noi idei menite sa genereze schimbare.

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Mayday Magazine 3
128 pages

In Issue Three we focus on how our identities and contemporary lives are mirrored in a technological society. As we move into the future, heroes & anti-heroes inspire us to change our outlook and help us realise that maybe our identities aren’t as static as we thought. So we look to the past to inform our future, because we believe that someone has to see the bigger picture and be able to connect the dots.

Revista publicata de Trouble in Copenhaga.
Citeste mai multe despre Mayday Magazine: https://mayday.co/


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