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Kinfolk 30

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Revista Kinfolk promoveaza simplitatea si originalitatea cu un mix de jurnalism, interviuri, esee si proiecte fotografice care exploreaza calitatea vietii si face legaturi intre oameni creativi din toate colturile lumii.

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Kinfolk 30
192 pages

Issue 30: The winter issue of Kinfolk revisits one of our guiding principles: good hospitality. Featuring a special section dedicated to the art of hosting, Issue Thirty looks beyond recipe repertoires and honed housekeeping to unearth the secret ingredients of having a good time.

Drilling down into the heart of hospitality, we investigate its five pillars: acceptance, comfort, empathy, entertainment and trust. How has the rise in peer-to-peer services such as Airbnb changed our relationship to having strangers in our home? Does a lack of formality translate into a more comfortable environment, or do subtle rules actually make it easier for people to know how to behave?

Revista editata de Ouur media in Londra si Copenhaga.
Citeste mai multe despre Kinfolk Magazine: https://kinfolk.com/


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